For the convenience of our clients and health of our horses, our board is all inclusive with our trainers overseeing every aspect of the horses’ care, providing each horse with an individualized, comprehensive feed, care and training program.

At SMR Equestrin, we believe that top performance begins with quality horse care. Our trainers oversee every aspect of the horses’ care, providing each horse with an individualized, comprehensive feed, care and training program. We feed only the highest quality of hay and feed and use high-quality low-dust shavings for the comfort of your horse. For the convenience of our clients and health of our horses, our board is all inclusive, ensuring that your horse is properly cared for year round, 24/7.


  • Semi- Private Lessons and /or training rides, up to three times weekly
  • Supervised hacks
  • Arena turnout
  • Feeding and watering three times daily
  • Individualized feeding programs, including the administration of owner-provided supplements
  • Daily Stall cleaning
  • Daily Private or semi- private turnout
  • Blanketing with changing temperatures
  • Boots for turnout
  • Daily horse care (including wrapping)
  • First aid care and veterinary follow up (including hand walking)
  • Use of magnetic boots, ice boots and heating pads
  • Laundry service of wraps and pads
  • Coordinated shoeing, veterinary, and dental programs
  • Coordination of blanket cleaning and repairs
  • Staff lives onsite
  • Use of select first aid and stable supplies (with participation in the barn supplies program)

Full Training
We also offer a full training program, for those looking to take their horses and/or riding to the next level. Full training includes four or more lessons/training rides weekly.

Fast Track
SMR Equestrian encourages all clients to feed their horses Fast Track, a probiotic supplement with beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and yeast to help your horse get the greatest nutritional value from their feeding and supplement program. Fast Track aids in digestive health, as well as helping horses to maintain a healthy weight, shiny coat, and strong hooves.


The horses and riders at SMR Equestrian benefit from comprehensive training programs tailored to the individual needs of the horses and the goals of their owners/ riders. No matter your goals, the training staff at SMR Equestrian is here to help you achieve them.

Owners/riders receive the individual attention and quality instruction that has been proven to lead to continuous improvement and success in the show ring. Our trainers maintain a careful balance between fun and the hard work and discipline necessary to promote optimal improvement.

Our training philosophy focuses on teaching students not only to be successful show riders, but also to become successful horsewomen and men. At SMR Equestrian, we believe that horsemanship starts on the ground and the most successful riders are horsewomen and men first. Riders are taught proper care for the elite equine athlete and encouraged to take an active role in training and caring for their horses. Qualified riders are encouraged to participate in our working student program, which allows riders to help in the barn and hone their skills exercising and schooling a variety of SMR horses.

Emphasis is placed on having a correct and effective rider position as “form follows function”. Flatwork and position are honed in our weekly Flatwork Boot Camp Sessions and riders benefit from Sarah’s background in Psychology as they learn the necessary mental discipline and focus to reach the highest levels of riding and competition.

We combine our lessons with articles, videos (both educational and of oneself) and demonstration rides in order to provide a well-rounded learning experience that is suitable for all learning types. Riders and parents are encouraged to participate in regular meetings with training staff to discuss rider goals, help riders set attainable goals and create a plan for achieving their goals.

Horses in training benefit from Sarah’s extensive knowledge of horse biomechanics and corrective techniques and exercises. Our goal is not only to train the horse, but to strengthen, condition, and balance the horse in order to ensure optimal health and performance. Training Sessions are combined with lunging, free lunging, sports medicine, massage therapy, supplements and nutrition to create a more happy and healthy horse.

All training rides are performed by or under the guidance of Sarah. Sarah, Ilaria and Nikki serve as each others’ eyes from the ground and the three of them work together to maximize a horse’s training and potential. Horses benefit from having three knowledgeable professionals overseeing their training and care needs. Clients have ease of mind knowing that there is always a trainer on staff to provide lessons and training rides at home during competitions.


SMR Equestrian offers a comprehensive lesson program for children and adults (ages six and up) from beginner to advanced levels.

The professional staff at SMR Equestrian is committed to providing students with a safe and positive environment in which to learn and have fun. We focus on building a well-rounded horseperson by not only teaching students to ride, but also providing lessons in horsemanship, sportsmanship, and showmanship.

SMR Equestrian offers a comprehensive lesson program for children and adults (ages six and up) from beginner to advanced levels. SMR Equestrian is unique in its ability to take riders from beginning young riders to top show riders. Whether you are a beginner rider, pleasure rider, or show rider, we have a program suited for you. We have a number of quality school horses, from beginner horses to 3’ jumping horses*.

Our lesson program features small classes with no more than four riders in a lesson at a time, providing individualized quality instruction. In order to provide a safe environment that is conducive to learning, there are never more than five horses working in the arena during lesson hours.

Please see our Riding Session Information Sheet below for current pricing, lesson schedule and other pertinent information. Please call or email to arrange an appointment to tour the facility, meet our staff and horses, and discuss you or your child’s riding goals and how we can help you to achieve those goals.

In addition to our lesson program, we offer several quality show horses for lease and half lease. Please see our sales page for further information on horses available and why leasing may be the right choice for you or your child.
* In order to avoid over working our school horses, please note that we may limit jump height to 2’6” if the rider is not leasing.

Please click here for our Riding Lesson Information Sheet.
Please click here for our Liability Release.


Contact Ilaria for scheduling and evaluation rides:


In order to provide our clients and horses the ability to compete at their optimal level, we attend a wide variety of horse shows ranging from schooling and C shows to AA shows and national finals.

Showing provides a great opportunity for students to watch and learn from top riders, as well as providing lessons in sportsmanship and showmanship. We have a range of show riders from the occasional show rider looking to gain experience and have fun to those looking to be competitive at the highest levels of the sport. Whether you are looking to have your child break into the horse showing world as a short stirrup rider, become a first time novice adult show rider, or aspire to the higher levels of competition, our trainers have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your horse showing goals.

Our horses and riders have qualified for and competed at numerous prestigious competitions including:

  • USEF Medal Finals
  • ASPCA Maclay Regionals
  • National Horse Show
  • Pennsylvania National
  • Pony Finals

Our riders have received national recognition through USEF year end awards for:

  • Green Conformation Hunters
  • Green Ponies
  • Thoroughbred Jumpers
  • Low Children’s Jumpers

In addition to their national and regional success, our riders have received year end awards through the Hunter Jumper Association of Michigan (HJAM) in:

  • Open Jumpers
  • Pre Greens
  • Children’s Jumpers
  • Low Children’s Jumpers
  • Pony Hunters
  • Pony Equitation
  • Children’s Hunters
  • Adult Amateur Hunters
  • Low Children’s Hunters/Equitation
  • Intermediate Hunters/ Equitation
  • Equitation 14 & Under
  • Limit Equitation
  • Short Stirrup divisions

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C: (248) 321-8092

3255 Stoney Creek Rd. Oakland Township, MI 48363