For sale (low to mid five figures)
2008 Oldenburg Hunter/ Dressage/ Equestrian Team Horse by Roc USA


Oakley is a wonderful all-around horse for the rider looking to be competitive in hunters, equitation, high school equestrian team, or dressage. Oakley is a beautiful hunter with great movement and a 10 jump every time. Oakley always wears his ears and has a big, ground covering step. Oakley has shown in everything from the Low Children’s Hunters 2’6” to the Green Conformation Hunters at Devon, National Horse Show, and Pennsylvania National. In 2016, he took his rider to great successes in the Low Children’s Hunters and Low Children’s Equitation (2’6”), including four Championships/ Reserve Championships HJAM year-end awards. In 2017, he helped his rider step into the Children’s Hunters and her first National Derby.

Oakley has a great foundation to make a wonderful dressage horse. He has 3 beautiful gaits, is naturally balanced and has quality transitions. He is responsive to the leg while being soft in the hand and going nicely in a loose ring snaffle. He goes easily and promptly from walk to trot and has a beautiful extended trot, stretchy trot, and free walk. He is well-schooled on the flat and has all of the “tricks” for the dressage ring including counter canter, flying changes, shoulder in, leg yield, travers and turn on the haunches.

In addition to his extensive experience in the hunters and basic dressage training, Oakley has successfully competed on his rider’s high school equestrian team in hunt seat equitation, speed events (barrels, speed and action, 2-man relay), trail classes and bareback equitation. Oakley can be ridden in a neck rope and has tarp training to confidently walk over tarps and have tarps pulled behind him/ dragged over him without batting an eye. Truly a one of a kind horse!


Height: 16.1”
Foal Date: 4/1/2008
Breed: Oldenburg
Sire: Roc Odyssey
Dam: Vivalda V.D Kempennoeve
USEF # 5115883